Maestro – Cloud based – Health Management System

The Maestro System is an easy to use, comprehensive health management system that focuses on exam handling, as well as all the processes you need for your everyday duties.

We support X-Ray, Ultrasound, Lab, CT, MRI, PET, Bone Density, Nuclear Medicine, and Cardiology exams, all to help you process everything easily and efficiently.
With Maestro you will be able to create requisitions and track their status, input and handle your patients’ information, send technicians to take the exams and chat with them in the process, submit eligibility, institutional and professional forms to Zirmed, and finally receive your exam report in a timely and organized manner.

Maestro is built from the ground up to make the entire exam process much easier for you and your organization. But we believe that results will speak for themselves. Give it a try here!

RamSoft – PowerServer™ PACS, PowerReader