Emergence Teleradiology
Xray Recommendations

Lower Extremities
Knee-3view (AP, oblique, lateral) can add sunrise view at request of ordering clinician
Foot- 3 view
Ankle-3 view (AP, Mortise view, lateral)
Calcaneus- 2 view
Tib Fib- 2 view
Toes- 3 view
Femur-2 view (if hip pain, recommend to clinician dedicated hip exam)
Hip- 2 view (recommend to clinician adding AP Pelvis when do a hip)
Pelvis – 1 view

Upper Extremities
Wrist- 3 view
Hand- 3 view
Fingers- 3 view and (Single PA hand view)
Forearm- 2 view
Elbow -3 view
Humerus- 2 view
Shoulder- 3 view (3rd to be Scapular Y)
Clavicle- 2 view
Scapula- 2 view

Chest- 2 view
Ribs- 2 or 3 views (recommend to clinician add Chest exam with ribs)
Sternum- 3 views
PICC line- AP and Oblique
Pneumothorax- inspiratory and expiratory PA or AP

Cervical- 3 to 5 view
Thoracic- 3 view
Lumbar- 3 view
Sacrum- 2 view
Coccyx- 2 view (may be obtained with Sacrum exam)

Abdominal Pain- flat and upright
Hematuria- KUB (single view to include bladder, may take 2 images)
Check G Tube- 2 images, pre injection image and post injection of 300 cc air through syringe

Skull- 2 view
Sinus- Towns, Waters, lateral
Face- 3 to 5 view
Mandible- 3 view
Orbits- 3 view
MRI Screen- single view orbits