Board Certified & American Trained

The goal of our Radiologists is to make your imaging evaluation function as if the Radiologist was sitting next to the clinician.

Emergence Teleradiology’s Radiologists are all board certified and American trained. Our Radiologists meet strict training and certification qualifications to surpass the high standards of the industry.

Personalized Teleradiology Service

We want you to know that our Radiologists will treat each exam with the individualized care that they deserve. Emergent and unexpected findings will be discussed with your physicians personally over the phone. As well, your physicians can contact the Radiologist for further consultation when desired. Our comprehensive emphasis is on you and your patients.

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Emergence Teleradiology

“We specialize in supporting the radiology needs of radiology groups, clinics and hospitals within the United States, by providing cost effective, dependable and high quality teleradiology services.”   Dr. Earl Maes