Specialized Flexible Software Solutions

With the rapidly changing technology in this Internet age it is a challenge to stay ahead of the curve. However, utilizing our specialized Teleradiology Suite we can manage the work-flow efficiently, ultimately saving you time and money. With our fully integrated operating system, we are able to adapt to the changing environment through the use of our electronic order entry, centralized gateway, virtual work-list, streaming technology image viewer, voice recognition, and physician web portal. With this technology comes 24 hour 7 days per week IT support to round out our all-encompassing process.

Intelligent Gateway

The gateway is the centralized core from which the remainder of the advanced technology interacts to perform the multiple processes. It allows us to assimilate data from any PACS system into our operation. It will function as a link between the referring sites and the data storage center integrating the images and communications between the varying modalities and locations. We perform the multiple steps in the background to make everything a seamless operation for your facility.

Physician Web Portal

The finalized report from the interpreting radiologist can be delivered essentially any way that you want. The report can be faxed, emailed, or even transmitted directly into your electronic RIS/HIS system. However, many referring physicians prefer to use our physician web portal to access their patient’s radiology reports. This portal takes you right to the results you want utilizing the Internet. It can be accessed remotely from any Internet connection and is secure with a unique log on for each referring physician. We strive to provide you with rapid and easily obtainable access to your patient’s radiology interpretation.

Superior Voice Recognition

Voice recognition software allows the radiologist to render a prompt and concise report. Utilizing the latest technology in voice recognition software the radiology report is swiftly transcribed into our Teleradiology PACS integration system. By utilizing this technology to the fullest we provide the report to you as quickly as possible. By doing this, your physicians have access to the results while clinical decisions are still being made.

Web Viewing Capabilities

The thin client viewer that we employ allows us to be able to assimilate the large quantity of images within a study to be viewed on a premier workstation. This allows the radiologist to visualize the sometimes hundreds of images in a CT or MRI utilizing 2 and 3 dimensional reconstructions to evaluate the abnormality. In addition, if you do not have a PACS we are able to provide you with image viewing capability so that you and your referring physicians may view the images as the exams are performed.

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